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Matthew Rose was born in New York in 1959, graduated from Brown University in Semiotics, studying linguistics, art, film, writing. While painting and producing collage works, he wrote about New York’s art scene, principally the East Village, but also other areas in the art world that involved Fluxus, Dada and Mail Art. Matthew Rose met Ray Johnson in April of 1990 (they were neighbors on Long Island, NY at the time) and regularly corresponded with the artist. Several articles by Matthew Rose about Ray Johnson soon appeared in Lightworks, Art & Antiques and other publications. At the time Matthew Rose met Ray Johnson, the former launched a world wide mail event entitled GREENE SUMMER ’90. Here, thousands of letters and cards and objects were sent from the world over to Marvin C. Greene, an actor at the Cedar City, Utah Shakespeare Festival during the summer of 1990. Matthew Rose directed the activity by every means of communication including mail, telephone, fax, some email (via Compuserve), hand outs, give aways, etc. It was the first world wide effort and foray Matthew Rose made into mail art.


Before he left for France in September of 1992, Ray Johnson said to him on the phone: “Matthew, why don’t you start The Paris Correspondence School?” It was more than a suggestion, it was almost an assignment. So he made a rubber stamp and started giving lessons. He made several stamps: RIEN, which appropriates a photograph by French photographer Bettina Rheims. The nun was shot for an advertisement for Christian Lacroix. The stamp sheet was included in the book AXIS OF EVIL (2005), curated by Michael Hernandez de Luna. The large stamp sheet RUBENS ROUNDING THIRD won first prize at MUFI, the philately stamp museum in Oxacca Mexico in 2009. With the awarded $5000, Rose produced 1000 A3 sized stamp sheets that are each signed, dated and numbered. They can be bought directly from him.

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