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Rick Prol was born and raised in NYC where he currently lives and works. He graduated from Cooper Union College in 1980 and began showing his work publicly in 1982 – during the then burgeoning East Village art scene.

Much of the inspiration for Prol’s work stems from general childhood trauma. Cartoons were the language he wanted to use to convey his organic, personal experiences about life. He pulls from the urban realities of city life; brutality, authoritarian relationships, decay and destruction of the world around him, and current events.

His latest work will be featured in the ‘Underground’ show in Brooklyn. This work consists of a collaboration between Prol and Chad Andrew of Paper Plus printing studio. The prints are limited edition screen prints and feature an ongoing series of a character developed by Prol back in 2003. “It’s an evil surveillance cat/octopus creature inspired by post 9/11 atmosphere of what the world was turning into. The cat/octopus has an arm that’s holding a video camera and another arm holding a light. He is wearing night vision goggles.

The cat/octopus is the oppressor  riding around on a bicycle surveying an apocalyptic landscape. The colors used in the print are reminiscent of Shepard Fairey’s Obama poster only in this they are used ironically. There is no hope for this area it is desolate and decaying. The dark figure represents the oppressor where hope was once alive but as soon as he was given power he changed his plans for the worst.

Rick Prol will be showing in Brooklyn, New York on August 10th, 2012 for one night only. To view more of Prol’s work check out Converge Gallery  http://www.convergegallery.com/portfolio/rick-prol/ and for more information regarding the ‘Underground’ show please go to http://www.convergegallery.com/popup/ and keep checking back for blogs with the other artists who will be showing their works in the ‘Underground’ show as well.

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