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WILLAMSPORT, PA (September 6, 2012) – Converge Gallery is pleased to announce their latest show Remaining Relentless, a series of new work by artists Tyler Coey, Yosiell Lorenzo, and Matthew Ryan Sharp in what will be their latest exhibition in Williamsport.

We as a collective did a group exhibition in Chicago this past May called, ‘Relentless’. The title of the show best sums up their work ethic as individual artists/designers/craftsmen. The main thought process is just being prolific, constantly working, making new works, evolving, testing boundaries. The collective doesn’t think any of them are ever comfortable with where they are at; they are always looking for a new opportunity or a way to stay relevant. This was the thought process for RELENTLESS and REMAINING RELENTLESS is a continuation of this same mindset/ideal.

The collective was started because the members found themselves working with each other project after project when producing products under “Mutt”. “Mutt” is a toy company founded by Tyler Coey which sells handmade vinyl toys. Potential has always been seen for artist relationships to expand creatively and into something bigger. The collective is four hardworking artists who each bring an eclectic yet cohesive style to the group.

About the Artist

Tyler Coey is a Kansas City artist whose pieces combine the brush work and technique of traditional painting with contemporary subjects and icons. Attention was quickly directed to the local gallery scene, which in turn lead to national and international exhibitions. Recently, Coey’s latest body of work was exhibited during the ‘Underground’ show in Brooklyn.

Yosiell Lorenzo is a California-based artist whose work appears to be whimsical and free-spirited but when you look deeper at his work you see sadness and longing. He utilizes many different mediums in his works including: sculpture, ink, graphite, digital vector art, and paints.  Recently he was a featured artist in Pixar Times and has shown his work in Gallery1988. Recently, Lorenzo’s latest body of work was exhibited during the ‘Underground’ show in Brooklyn.

Matthew Ryan Sharp is a Chicago-based artist whose work is loaded with people we all know to some degree, sharing a colorful and lighthearted view into the American soul. His images can exist in opposition between the subject and statement, the irony painted on found object canvases. He offers truth in these images, a reflection of our own humanity laced with sarcasm and humor. He does it in brutal cartoonish fervor. Recently, Sharp’s latest body of work was exhibited during the ‘Underground’ show in Brooklyn.

About Converge Gallery

Converge Gallery exhibits a variety of fine contemporary art (photography, paintings, mixed media, sculpture, installations and drawings). The gallery represents the talents of many artists local and non-native, emerging and established.  Based in historic downtown Williamsport, PA, Converge Gallery is located at 140 West Fourth Street. Gallery hours are Wednesday-Friday 11am-7pm and Saturday 11am-5pm. For more information, please call: 570-435-7080, or visit: www.convergegallery.com or email: casey@convergegallery.com or john@convergegallery.com .



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